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Our Commitment to Accessibility

At Misfit BJJ, we are committed to providing facilities and services that help make jiu jitsu accessible to all bodies, regardless of their abilities. We strive to provide an inclusive environment where everyone feels welcome and supported in their jiu jitsu journey.


Measures we have already implemented include:


  1. We are committed to treating everyone with respect and dignity, and we will work with each individual to provide the accommodations and assistance they need to feel comfortable and successful.

  2. We are committed to communicating with all individuals in a way that is clear and accessible. This includes providing information in alternative formats, such as large print or audio, and using clear language and visual aids/demos to explain exercises and techniques. This also includes transparency around expectations and norms so students know what to expect in advance.

  3. We are committed to providing accommodations to individuals with disabilities to ensure they can participate fully in our programs and services. This includes modifying techniques, providing additional assistance, and working with individuals to create personalized plans.

  4. Our teachers include their name and pronouns in introductions to encourage others to do the same.

  5. Our gym has an all-gender restroom.

  6. Our gym avoids asking for unnecessary information on our forms. We do not require any student to report their sex or gender and we do not require any student’s legal name. We do have an optional space for pronouns on our forms using a blank space rather than multiselect.

  7. Our gym is accessible without steps/stairs and has a wide enough door for wheelchair access.

  8. Our gym has a free parking lot with accessible parking spaces.

  9. We use thick mats to protect students from falls and impacts with the floor.

  10. Emergency snacks and water are available for student use.

  11. Hand sanitizer is available for student use.

  12. First aid supplies including bandages and disinfectant are available in all classes.

  13. Our mats are cleaned and sanitized with every lesson.

  14. We encourage students to be mindful of scents and require students to wash their gi between every class.

  15. Masks are welcome but not required for students and instructors. We provide disposable masks for student and instructor use. If you have specific needs or concerns around this, we’re happy to discuss options.

  16. The gym has a HEPA filtered rapid air exchanger, which could decrease the risks of airborne virus transmission such as COVID. The air filter runs during every class. We also open a window when weather permits--note this may not be possible on the coldest days of the year due to the windows icing shut. If you request open windows in advance we will do our best to accommodate.

  17. We are always working to keep membership costs reasonable. If you're facing financial constraints but are interested in taking our classes, please let us know. We're open to exploring creative solutions that will enable you to participate.


Areas we have limitations include:

  1. Our restroom does not have grab bars installed to assist in maneuvering.

  2. The doors leading to the restroom are wide enough wheelchair access, and while there are no stairs to get there, you do have to cross the mats to get to the restroom. The mats are 2 inches thick. Folks who use wheelchairs are welcome to move across the mat to get to the restroom, and we are happy to assist with navigating over the mats upon request.

  3. We do not regularly stock transparent masks to assist in speechreading but may be able to source them upon request.

  4. We are not able to provide interpreters at classes due to cost limitations. We are happy to discuss options with members as requested.

  5. Our classes often have music playing in the background at a low volume. We attempt to keep musical selections uplifting. We also keep this music at a low volume to avoid disrupting and distracting students. This music can be turned off by request, and we are also open to music requests.


We recognize that accessibility is an ongoing process, and we are committed to continually improving our facilities and services to better meet the needs of all individuals. If you have any suggestions or feedback on how we can improve our accessibility, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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